JewishGen Romania Research Division

Welcome to the JewishGen Romania Research Division!

The JewishGen Romania Research Division (formerly Rom-SIG) is a group of volunteer genealogists and researchers exploring the lives and experiences of Jewish ancestors and relatives who lived in Romania.

Our goal is to acquire, transcribe, translate, and share historical records of genealogical value to the descendants of Romanian Jews. We are always looking for more volunteers and would welcome any and all additional support!

We welcome new volunteers, and of course, we greatly appreciate all donations, as our projects are run off the support of our donors' contributions.

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Note that this group generally does not focus on parts of modern-day Romania that were formerly part of Hungary (e.g., Transylvania), nor former Romanian territories that are currently part of the Republic of Moldova (e.g., Bessarabia). For those territories, please refer, respectively, to the Hungarian Research Division or the Bessarabia Research Division.

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