The Jewish Voice (April 26, 1907)

Dr. L. Marcu, Secretary of the Roumanian Aid Association in Philadelphia, published the following letter:

Jassy, Roumania, March, 16, 1907.

My Dear Mr. Marcu:

I infer from the contents of your telegram addressed to Rabbi Dr. Niemerower that you are initiating the relief movement in Philadelphia for the poor victims of the devastation, and I believe it is my duty to address to you and to those co-operating with you my sincere thanks.

It is a long time since you have shown signs of activity, and I would not know your address were it not for this telegram.

To give you a detailed description of the devastations that have taken place I have not the time, the space or the patience. I am sure that the American papers are full of details and descriptions.

If the movement against the Jews has degenerated into a terrible agitation which went so far as against Christian landowners, still the situation of the Jews in the future appears to be very desperate, and we cannot tell what will become of this great Jewish population after the continued anti-Semitic propaganda, which is tolerated and supported by nearly all the political parties.

The future is a very doubtful one. For the present the situation is deplorable, and we do not know to whom we shall turn first to give a helping hand, nor in what district or town we shall distribute the first relief money.

We received to day [sic] from New York 25,000 francs, and 5000 from Philadelphia. From Europe very little has been received; but they will surely send something.

We will need at least 500,000 francs to re-establish, in only a small measure, the families that have been ruined through these indescribable anti-Semitic excesses.

I inclose [sic] herewith the appeals which have been sent out by our committee.

I close my letter, as we have two relief meetings every day, and I must attend to all the correspondence, and, besides, I am not sure that you will receive this letter, as the postoffice authorities here are very rigorous, and a censorship has been installed upon the Russian system.

Yours, with love and thanks,

Dr. A. Steuerman,

Secretary, Committee of Assistance

Secretary, Roumanian Aid Association, Philadelphia