The Hebrew Standard (April 6, 1900)

The winter has not checked the emigration movement. Every day Jews are leaving Bucharest, Jassy, and nearly all the towns in Moldavia by the dozen, the majority going to the United States of America. Cyprus has already fallen into the second place. The majority think of Australia, whither they are continually sending delegates to report on the situation there. Among these delegates there is not one man competent to undertake such a mission. From Galatz eleven delegates left a few days ago for Cyprus. Everybody is a prey to despair, and will not listen to good advice, but is determined at all costs to leave the country. Misery is growing day by day, and it is with difficulty that the hunger of the masses can be appeased by the distribution of bread or maize, which is bought with the proceeds of collections. The distress is terrible, particularly in Bucharest, and in the great Jewish centres of Moldavia, such as Jassy, Dorohoi, Botoschani, Piatra, Focshani, etc.

To the existing evils must be added severe measures recently taken against hawking, which has been legally prohibited for a long time past, but had been tolerated here and there.