The Hebrew Leader (October 29, 1869)

At the instance of the Board of Deputies i of British Jews, and in accordance with resolutions agreed to at a meeting held on , Tuesday, 12th inst., Sir Moses Montefiore, the zealous and dauntless advocate of the interests of Lis oppressed brethren, has consented to undertake a journey to the Continent, in order to confer personally , with Prince Charles of Roumania, and bespeak his Highness' favorable consideration, on behalf of the Roumanian Jews, whose condition has aroused the sympathy of the chief European Governments, and  has excited the indignation of the Press. 

It was arranged by Sir Moses that he would start for Paris on Thursday evening, 1 /14, with the friends who are to accompany him. If the Prince should have left Paris before Sir Moses' arrival, it is the intention of the venerable Baronet to continue his journey in the hope of meeting this Highness in some other European capital.